Fashion Brands Lend A Helping Hand In The COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, many manufacturers of medical supplies such as sanitizers, masks, ventilators, gloves and hospital gowns have felt the pressure in the increased demand of these products. A number of fashion brands have stepped forward to assist in making the manufacturers work lighter.

In New York City where cases have risen to roughly 16 000 and counting, top fashion companies like Prada, Christian Siriano and Brandon Maxwell are using their designing abilities to create gowns and masks to assist hospitals in the state of New York and around the USA that are suffering from the shortage of medical supplies. The Los Angeles Apparel has also jumped in by aiming to produce and supply LA hospitals with 50,000 hospital gowns and 300,000 masks for free per week.

Kenyan fashion designer David Ochieng, known for his looks like Avid fashion brand, is working non-stop in his studio to design masks using recycled African print fabric from his designs. He gives out the masks for free in hopes that it assists in curbing the spread of the coronavirus in and around the most vulnerable communities in Kenya. Ochieng also uses the distribution of his masks as a way of educating individuals on the importance of self-protection against the virus.

A Cape Town sunglasses company named Ballo has also decided to join the train by creating fashion-forward face masks. Ballo uses disgarded pieces of material to make these masks and has made roughly around 500 masks already and vows to continue making the masks. These masks don’t completely prevent infections from the coronavirus but, are aimed at reminding individuals to cover their mouths and avoid touching their faces. It also assists as a block to the spreading of the virus by those already infected.

Celebrities in Nigeria has opted to wear blinged-up and bedazzled masks to make a fashion statement about the importance of taking precautions against the COVID-19 disease. Jack Ma, a company in China, has donated medical supplies to all of Africa to assist them in the fight against the coronavirus.

It is important to bear in mind that masks do not completely prevent you from contracting the coronavirus, but merely just stops you from touching your face and sneezing or coughing onto others. Remember to always keep your hands clean by washing them with disinfectant soap and using hand sanitizer. Keep safe South Africa!


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