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In the fashion department, there are many rules that are created and followed by individuals and there are equally as much rules to break. This week we will focus on 5 fashion rules that we believe are important.

1. Be comfortable in what you wear.

Comfort is key to looking good and feeling even better. This has to be the most important rule when it comes to fashion. There are instances when individuals look totally good in their ensamples, but they feel completely uncomfortable in it. Discomfort stifles your ability to rock and own what you are wearing and it distracts you from everything. Choose clothing that will make you feel comfortable always and wear your clothing with pride!

2. Own basic clothing pieces.

We all have that one basic item that we can wear with anything. When you think of basic clothing, you think of a white t-shirt, jeans, heels or your favourite sneakers. Basic clothing can be anything that is not too over the top and you can never go wrong with owning them in your closet. They provide endless outfit choices.

3. Do not be afraid to be yourself.

There are a lot of trends that drop every year and we tend to lose ourselves and lose that one particular thing that makes our style unique when we indulge ourselves into these trends. Even though we don’t like the new trend, we feel peer pressured when we see everyone is participating in the new trend. Break free from the peer pressure or media pressure. Do not be afraid to showcase your own personal style and perhaps start your own trend! Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

4. Wear anything you want to.

Have you ever heard people saying that tall women should not wear heels, short women should not wear long dresses and you cannot wear all white? Don’t let fashion stereotypes restrict you from wearing something you like or dressing a certain way. If you feel like you look good, you feel good and you’re comfortable in what you are wearing, forget about what is said and just do you. Break free from those stereotypes and dress for yourself, not for the public.

5. Don’t save your outfits.

We all have our clothing that we wear everyday and our favourite pieces of clothing that we reserve just for special occasions. However, what happens to these clothing items when there is no occasion to wear them? Eventually we’ll outgrow them. Let everyday be your own occasion, pair your usual clothing with your reserved clothing to create chic casual looks that are fitting for everyday of the week.

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